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アクションスポーツを撮り続けて約20年間。FMX、BMX、スノーボード、ブレイクダンス、DJ等、幅広いジャンルのアクションスポーツを撮影している。Red Bull、G-Shock、Nikon, Oakley, New Era等の会社とも仕事をしている。もっともっとアクションスポーツの魅力を日本中に広められるように頑張っています。


Currently residing in Tokyo, I have lived in Japan for close to 20 years. For this time I have become deeply involved in a wide variety of action sports such as FMX, BMX street and flatland, snowboarding, breakdancing, etc. Through these photographic endeavours I have been able to work with many local and international organizations including Red Bull, G-Shock, Nikon, Oakley, New Era and others. I look forward to spreading the beauty of action sports through out Japan and the world though my photographs.

To contact me please see the “Contact” page on this website.

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