• Jason Halayko

Courage Over Confidence

2018 is bringing on many new exciting challenges for me right from the start. For the last 3 years I have been lucky to be connected to a local company who has supported me and my photographic activities, but as of 2018 I am stepping out on my own for the first time as a professional photographer. What I had people doing for me for the last 3 years, I now have to do all on my own. Part of this is scary, as change always can be, but part of this is very exciting as well. Where I once had certain restrictions, I now have none, and can truly do whatever it is a like. Yea…hahaha.

This new situation also reminded me of a video I recently watched on YouTube talking about “Courage Vs Confidence” and this is something I want to make my motto for 2018. Confidence is something that is developed over time from doing the same thing over and over. Having shot events here in Japan for the past 10 plus years I can say that I am confident in my abilities to do these kinds of shoots, and the other kinds I have been doing over the years. What I need now is courage. The courage to step out on my own and try new things. The courage to try something new, even if there is a good chance I will fail. The courage to believe in my vision and work towards it. And the courage to take a few minuets for myself here and there and enjoy life; because if you can’t take a minuet to enjoy your life, then what is the point anyways.

The video here talks about this in a little more detail. So please take a listen. And I just want to say a thanks to Chase Jarvis who talks about this and other aspects of being a creative on his Facebook and YouTube channels. Check him out if you can. Good stuff.


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