• Jason Halayko

2018: Year of Flatland

Looking over the images I took during 2018 it become obvious that there was one type of sport that I took more than any other; Flatland BMX. There are several reasons for this, but I think the main reason for this is so many of my good friends are flatland BMX riders, and that flatland BMX is such a great sport to shoot as you can be so creative with locations. You don't need anything special like jumps or railings or anything like that, all you need is a small flat area and a rider willing to throw down some amazing skills.

I like doing personal shoots and flatland BMX seems to allow me to be creative with the rider's position, lighting (both using my Broncolor strobes and natural light) and location. In a city like Tokyo there are so many amazing spots that work well with Flatland that it is always a great time shooting.

Anyways, here are my best Flatland images from 2018. If you have any comments or questions please let me know! Hope to get lots of great shots in 2019 as well!


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